A Healthy New Way to Make Your House Smell Great

For many decades the use of scented candles was used to as the main method for improving a home’s smell. Unaware of any risk other than fire, people assumed that these products were completely safe to use. In actuality, most of these candles released toxins into the air as well as left soot on anything that was too close. Fortunately this trend has mostly gone by the wayside since it is now possible to make your house smell great through the use of all natural aroma oils.

A Healthier Solution

The biggest problem people discovered with scented candles was the inclusion of lead wicks which released harmful fumes into the air. This is where the use of a diffuser system is beneficial. These machines work simply by vibrating water at a high rate of speed without ever introducing heat or flame into the equation. Aroma oils are added to the water and vibrate with it until they break down into micro molecules. The result of this process is a misty vapor that carries the molecules out into the air. As the vapor spreads a pleasing scent throughout the room, an overall relaxing mood is created.

Safe For Everyone to Use

Another major perk of this product is that the oils are 100% natural, with no harmful GMO’s, additives, or animal testing involved in their production. This is especially important to Vegans as well as anyone trying to live a clean lifestyle. Without fear that the diffused vapor will cause any ill side effects or compromise their belief system, users can enjoy the fragrant and somewhat medicinal benefits the diffuser produces.

Help is Always Available

Since scent diffusers are a rather new household item, many people aren’t exactly sure how they work. Companies like Aromatech understand this and have set up a 24/7 support team to help answer questions, recommend products, and provide detailed information on the diffusing process. Customers can call to find out which products help with various conditions or temperaments as well as those that have strong or subtle smells. Questions related to the proper size and type of diffusers one needs for a specific room of the house can also be answered. Technical support is another service readily available to anyone who is having an operational issue with a diffuser, making the support team very beneficial to those individuals who are new to aroma and essential oils.