3 Things to Consider Before Constructing a Fountain on Your Pond

Constructing a fountain on a fish pond is one way to enhance the tranquility of a home. You will get fulfilled hearing the relaxing sounds of moving water while also enjoy the beautiful display of the fountain. Many people consider construction fountains for fish ponds since they are believed to increase aeration of the water which is good for fish. Since there are different types of fountains, there is a need to consider several factors before hiring a contractor.

The Depth of the Pond

Fountains are very effective in aeration in case a pond has a depth of 6 feet or less since it oxygen will be able to circulate throughout the water. A fountain usually draws water that is in the top column of the pond, and as such, the shallower it is, the more oxygen can be transferred. If a homeowner has a fish pond whose depth is below 6 feet, then the fountain will offer the based aeration.

The Spray Pattern Needed

Fountains have different spray patterns which influence the level of aeration. If the spray pattern chosen is more decorative, then the level of aeration is likely to be low. This is associated with the fact that more energy will be concentrated on the decorative patterns rather than moving the pond water. For a fish pond, homeowners may consider fountains with ‘V’ pattern.

Consider the Material

The quality of fountain material influences its durability and life cycle. Some materials may last as long as a hundred years while others may break sooner. Using concrete, for instance, is cheaper but the fountain would crack after a few years. When one uses bronze for constructing a fountain, it will not only last a long time but will also ensure the inclusion of finer details for the fountain. Other materials that are commonly used for fountains include glass, marble, and limestone.

These factors can significantly influence the decision of constructing a fountain since they will help in driving at a more affordable and durable option. It is important to get the most competent fountain construction contractor who understands the functionality of a fountain and its role in aeration.